Feb. 2005  Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. was established.

May 2006  The 1st. phase of Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. started construction.

Feb. 2007  Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Mar. 2007  The 2nd. phase of the Hifirst project started, with a construction area of over 15,000 square meters.

Jun. 2008  Shandong Heli Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was established.

Jun. 2008  Awarded AAA-level standardized good behavior enterprise.

Jun. 2008  Passed ISO10012 measurement management system certification.

Jul2008 Passed ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO22000 food safety management system certification.

Oct. 2008  Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. put into operation the second phase.

Feb. 2009  Shandong Xinrun Food Co., Ltd. opened.

Apr. 2010  The construction of the nutrient fast food processing project was started.

Mar. 2011  "Hifirst Food" was selected as "2010 Top Ten Most Growing Brands in Shandong" and became the only food brand in the province to receive this award.

Mar. 2011  Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. co-sponsored the "Through Rotterdam" World Table Tennis Championship Chinese Table Tennis Team Trials.

Mar. 2011  Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. sponsored the Hifirst Food Cup National Men's Judo Championship.

Apr.2011  The preparatory meeting for the China Frozen Prepared Food Professional Committee established by Hifirst Food was held in Beijing.

Jun. 2011  To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the celebration performance of Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Factory was held in Zhucheng Gymnasium. The party was organized by Shandong TV Station. The famous hosts of Shandong TV Station Sun Liang and Dong Yan, the famous singer Liu Chengcheng and Daxin attended the celebration party. The party also invited stars such as Phoenix Legend, Lin Yilun, Jiang Dawei and Yang Kun.

Jun. 2012  The founding conference of Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. was held.

Jun. 2012  Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

Oct. 2012  Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. paid 10 million yuan to set up a "Hifirst Education Fund" to reward teachers with outstanding performance in Zhucheng No.1 Middle School.

Nov. 2012  The workstation of Academician Hifirst held an unveiling ceremony. Academician Sun Baoguo and relevant leaders of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Weifang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Zhucheng Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress, Municipal Government, CPPCC, Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, and relevant departments of various cities participated jointly .

Apr. 2014  The second National Meat Green Manufacturing Technology and Marketing Experience Exchange Meeting was held in our company. This exchange meeting was hosted by Nanjing Agricultural University and undertaken by Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

May 2014  Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. successfully inspected the "Industrialization Project of 42,000 Tons of Nutrient Foods".

Jun. 2014 Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, Shandong Heli Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Shandong Xinrun Food Co., Ltd. won the honor of National Class I Enterprise for Standardization in Production Safety” at the same time, becoming the first in China's meat food processing industry, we won this award.

Jun. 2014 Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Agricultural University cooperated intensively to jointly establish the production, teaching and research base of Nanjing Agricultural University (Hifirst).

Aug. 2014  The Automatic Packaging Line” of Shandong Heli Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was formally put into production and trial operation. It realized automatic unpacking, sealing and labeling of the product packaging process, and automatic palletizing with robots, marking the company's equipment automation level, towards a new level. 

Sep. 2014  Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. was hired as the "Honorary Director Unit of the Famous Chefs Professional Committee of the Chinese Cooking Association", and the company's products "Shrimp Slide" and "Squid Cuttlefish" were identified as "Famous Chefs Professional

Oct. 2014  Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. won the honor of "High-tech Enterprise" in Shandong Province.

Dec. 2014 The National Symposium on Cross-Border Operation of the Food and Beverage Industry was held in our company to explore a new model of cross-border cooperation between the food and beverage industry and manufacturers, and finally reached a consensus and successfully signed a letter of intent for cooperation.

May 2015  Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony in Shenzhen with the China Super Billion Club.

Jun. 2015  Ma Jinyuan, chairman of the Qinghai Halal Food Industry Association, and his team of three visited our company for inspection and exchange; in October of the same year, Holly officially joined the Qinghai Halal Food Industry Association's executive director unit.

Nov2015  Hifirst Food successfully applied to the Shandong Provincial Demonstration Engineering Technology Research Center.

Nov2015 The launch of Hifirst's first franchise project, Maru Xiaomei Mala Tang, ended successfully on November 11.

Nov2015  China's hot-pot industry for ten years Hifirst won the honorary title of "Chinese Hot Pot Gold Service Provider".

Dec. 2015  Shandong Heli Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of Provincial Advanced Enterprise in Production Safety in Light Industry .

Jan. 2016  The establishment of the Weifang Quick-Frozen Conditioning Convenience Food Industry Alliance was successfully held in the conference room of Hifirst Company. The conference determined the purpose and development goals of the alliance, clarified the rights and obligations of the alliance members, and elected Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. is the first chairman unit. The alliance established an expert technical committee composed of Hifirst Company, Nanjing Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, Ocean University of China, and Qilu University of Technology.

Jan. 2016  The six-episode TV documentary filmed jointly by the State Administration of Work Safety and the Documentary Working Committee of the China Radio and Television Association was introduced on CCTV's "Discovery Journey" channel for the first time to promote the company's production safety management. Construction of safety culture.

Apr. 2016  Good news came from the China Quality Inspection Association. Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "National Product and Service Quality Integrity Demonstration Enterprise", and the "Hifirst" brand was awarded "National Leading Brand of Quick Frozen Food Industry Quality" Honorary title, "Hifirst Brand Frozen Food" won the honorary title of "National Trustworthy Product".

Apr. 2016 The Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau identified 20 benchmarking demonstration enterprises in different industries in the province to undertake the preparation of standards and specifications for the construction of two systems in various industries. As a benchmarking enterprise for the construction of the two systems of the light industry in Shandong Province, our company is responsible for the construction and preparation of the two systems of the food industry.

Sep. 2016  The company's Hifirst trademark.

Jun.13, 2017 Hifirst Company (stock code: 603536) was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and successfully landed on the A-share main board.

Oct. 17, 2017 Hifirst Company was rated as "Weifang City-level (Four-Star) Houdao Lushang Enterprise" and was listed on the "Houda Lushang" Brand Image List.

Nov. 15, 2017 The party committee of Hifirst Company was appraised as the "two new" organization party building demonstration site in Weifang.

Nov2017 Hifirst Company passed the review of the Logistics Support Department of the Military Commission and became a supplier of military material engineering service providers.

Dec. 2017 Hifirst Company undertook the task of drafting and compiling the "Guidelines for the Implementation of the Double Prevention System for the Quick-Frozen Food Manufacturing, Meat Products and By-product Processing Industry" in Shandong Province, and passed the review by the expert group organized by the Shandong Safety Supervision Administration, which has been reported to Shandong Provincial Technical Supervision Administration will release on another day. For the first time, the company, as a local standard preparation unit in Shandong Province, has compiled the "Implementation Guidelines for the Safety Production Risk Management System for Quick-Frozen Food Manufacturing, Meat Products and By-Product Processing Industries," and "Troubleshooting Hidden Dangers of Production Safety Accidents in Quick-Frozen Food Manufacturing, Meat Products, and By-Product Processing Industries Governance System Implementation Guide.

Jan. 9, 2018  It obtained the qualification for exporting onion rings. In February, the production order was completed through strict quality control. It passed the CIQ inspection and was exported to the cabinet. Subsequent successful customs clearance, the customer received the product, fully in line with customer requirements. The workshop renovation and certification were completed in a short time, and the production order was completed on time. The first export order of Hifirst Company was completed. Hifirst successfully went abroad and went global.

Jun. 2019  Hifirst Foodstuff participated in the Belt and Road” high-level food industrial park project.

Nov. 29th ~ Dec. 1st, 2019  Shandong Hifirst Foodstuff Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the 2019 Shandong International Meat Expo and won the honor of "Shandong Meat Good Food Specialist Enterprise", among which the fish roe sandwich was awarded " Gold Award of Shandong International Meat Fair 2019 ".